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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Do you ever just want to scream?

          When we were babies we would scream when we wanted something. Today many of us still have the urge to scream. hopefully you are able to contain yourselves. Sometimes you want to scream is anger or sadness. Rage or excitement. We always have the need to be loud! Don't let anyone take away your scream! Let it out! Don't let anything hide.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How We Can Handle Emotion As People.

          As people we thrive off of each other. We love to feel and to hold. Many of us have had the feeling of love, but some others got the feeling of hate. As people we resent the feelings of hate, and we get emotional when the hate is too much for us to handle. We feel the need to help and support others. Everyone gets emotional, some will keep the emotion bottled until it explodes, others will tell what is going on that's horrible in their lives to their friends. I bottle my feeling up they all come rushing out of my like a volcano when my body can't handle it. As people we handle these feelings differently. Some think that the sadness is their fault and do self-harm, others will go and do everything they can to distract themselves from the issue. However you react has a person dealing with emotional problems make sure not to go to hard on yourself. You deserve to find away to be happy.
         Happiness is what you can find at the other side of the rainbow. Its the lightness that fills your heart when something wonderful happens to you or to somebody you are close to. Happy is what you feel when you with someone you love and they love you back. Happy is when you spend time with a pet or family member. you can always find a reason to be happy if you look hard enough. Happiness is at the other side of the rainbow. You just have to figure out how to get to it and what your happiness is.
         Anger is a mean feeling. Its what you feel when your in a fight. Anger can also be the feeling you get when you loose something. Parents get angry all the time at their children. Staff gets angry at their bosses, and vise versa. You can handle anger by focusing on something else or taking time off until you've calmed down.
         Why frown when you can smile?

Always Running!!

Always running never quitting. Going from place to place without ever stopping. Our lives revolve around running. Running to school, sports, jobs, ect... As humans our lives revolve around running. Sometimes we let our lives fly away without even realizing that we have wasted so much time... Running. Lets stop running. for five minutes, lets do something out of the ordinary. Go kiss the girl/boy you like. Go help someone you don't know. Don't let the running effect your life. Just stop running.